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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sachem Native American Enterprises LLC, in a joint venture between Native American owned Alekson Development Group LLC and its Native American Partners, has today formed  an Energy Alliance trademarked as SACHEM ENERGY WORKSTM

Sachem Energy WorksTM has been formed with the intention of exclusively delivering cost competitive electrical energy to Tribal Nations and their Communities across the United States.  During the coming year, Sachem Energy WorksTM intends to negotiate preferential power agreements with leading Power Utilities across the United States to bring cost effective electrical energy to Indian Country Communities. In addition, Sachem Energy WorksTM intends to enter into joint ventures with renewable energy developers, primarily in the Western United States, to feed electrical energy into the United States Power Grid earmarked for the benefit of Tribal Nations.  

All Tribal Communities joining with  Sachem Energy WorksTM  will (i) automatically become joint venture partners; and (ii) directly benefit from the revenue generated by  their purchase of electrical energy through the Sachem Energy WorksTM Energy Alliance.  A portion of all revenues generated by  Sachem Energy WorksTM will be directed to the endowment of Indian Country controlled Foundations with goals and objective aimed at improving  education, job training, elder care and economic diversification in Indian Country. 

Come join us as we develop a whole new paradigm for the delivery of electrical energy to Native American Communities across the United States.  

We welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions.  It is through open communication and collaboration among all Indian Country Members that true long-term change can be achieved.


  1. Sounds very good. I look forward to following these developments

    1. One of our partners just came back from an Economic Conference where our renewable energy technologies were presented to several Conference Participants. Very favorable responses were received from all to the Bio-Coal Opportunity because of available forestry reserves. The next step is to ensure feedstocks are confirmed for the long-term and then to lock in buyers for the Bio-Coal Product. Bio-Coal is a substitute for common coal which is used in coal-fired power plants and cement manufacturing because it has virtually the same BTU rating as common coal (11,000 BTU/pound). More to follow as this Opportunity begins to mature over the coming weeks.


We encourage and look forward to your comments and suggestions. It is through open communication that we can truly make a difference.