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Sunday, April 29, 2012


West Creek Energy Group, Inc. and Sachem Energy Solutions, a division of Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC, announced today that they have signed an Agreement granting Sachem exclusive representation of select, cutting-edge renewable energy technologies in Indian Country USA and the First Nations of Canada. 
The technologies represented by Sachem Energy Solutions center on West Creek Energy’s past successes of aligning itself with the best available technologies, world-class engineers and innovative visionaries who have collaboratively bound themselves to a common goal; providing green energy from sustainable resources. Sachem will be offering Torrefaction Systems, Heat Based Phytosanitation Systems, Wind Technology and other energy related capital equipment and systems held by West Creek Energy.
“We are excited to be working with West Creek Energy to bring this economic opportunity to Indian Country” “Forests across the United States are littered with the fire potential of pest killed trees and unwanted woody biomass.”  “Torrefaction technology, coupled with selective harvesting, provides a solution to that dilemma by converting unwanted woody biomass into a marketable renewable energy product.” stated Jim Alekson, CEO of Alekson Native American Enterprises. 
Torrefaction of woody biomass can best be described as a mild form of pyrolysis at temperatures typically in the range between 200° C and 320° C. The torrefaction process produces a high energy product with no biological activity. Densification of torrefied woody biomass into briquettes produces a very energy-dense fuel without the harmful emissions associated with fossil fuels.
Energy-dense briquettes produced in Indian Country will be marketed globally under the trademark SACHEM Hi-NRG.  Hi-NRG will help electrical power plants, cement manufacturers; steel producers and other coal fired industries around the globe meet the mandate of the Kyoto Protocol by offering a green energy solution to replace commonly used fossil fuels.
“We are pleased that our portfolio of sustainable energy technologies can help create jobs and diversify the economies of Native American Communities and First Nations in Canada.”  “This is an excellent program that brings together all stakeholders to create sustainable, renewable energy and help reduce the world’s dependency on less desirable fossil fuels to meet its energy needs.” comments Joseph W. Majka President/CEO of West Creek Energy.

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