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Saturday, November 3, 2012


[Press Release, October 23, 2012]  Walters, Oklahoma – Non-profit organization Southwest Oklahoma Regional Development Corporation (SORD) announced today it plans to study new to the United States vertical-axis wind turbine, liquid energy storage and LED lamp technologies in the coming months.  Robert Smith, SORD President, will  introduce these technologies for discussion at the International Energy Policy Conference (IEPC) being held at the University of Oklahoma on October 26th.  The technologies are being introduced and marketed in the United States under the trade names AIRE-FOIL, MAGNUM and ECO-LOGIC respectively.  These technologies have been commercialized and field-proven for many years elsewhere in the world and are now being introduced into the United States by Sachem Energy Solutions. 
SORD’s primary function is to identify innovative renewable energy initiatives and other forward-looking enterprises to help advance economic development in Southwest Oklahoma.  AIRE-FOIL, MAGNUM and ECO-LOGIC are but three technologies of the many currently being reviewed by SORD. 
Sachem, an operating division of Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC is a 100% Native American owned enterprise. Ms. Jennifer L (Howell) Alekson, President of Alekson and a Member of the Citizen Band of the Potawatomi Nation, has deep family roots in Oklahoma.
Building on past successes, Sachem Energy Solutions has once again aligned itself with world-class mechanical and electrical engineers to secure and bring revolutionary technologies to the United States.  The AIRE-FOIL and MAGNUM technologies will help not only Southwest Oklahoma but all of Oklahoma capitalize on its enormous Wind Energy potential while the MAGNUM and ECO-LOGIC technologies will help conserve electrical energy.
“We are excited to have SORD study the AIRE-FOIL, MAGNUM and ECO-LOGIC technologies and introduce them for discussion at the IEPC.”  “We believe AIRE-FOIL will revolutionize the Wind Energy Industry in the United States and combined with the MAGNUM and ECO-LOGIC technologies, will result in synergies much greater than each technology on its own.” stated Jim Alekson, CEO of Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC. 
“We are pleased Sachem has chosen Oklahoma to introduce these technologies to the United States.” “These technologies will help bring together all stakeholders to advance development of a robust Wind Energy Industry in Oklahoma.”  “These technologies are a step toward reducing the United States dependency on fossil fuels to meet its ever increasing energy needs.” comments Robert Smith, President of SORD.
Alekson and Sachem Energy Solutions are 100% Native American owned and steadfastly devoted to advancing opportunities that bring about economic diversification for Native American Communities across the United States and the First Nations of Canada. Its mission is to advance innovative technologies and initiatives in Native American and First Nations Communities to create jobs, encourage entrepreneurship and advance educational opportunities.
SORD was formed for the purpose of advancing economic development and prosperity in Southwest Oklahoma by advancing and encouraging trade and commerce.  SORD acts as an advocate to facilitate and promote the business community, alternative energy, affordable housing and the economic wellbeing of the citizens of  Oklahoma’s Southwest Region.   
For further information contact:
Robert Allan Smith | President of SORD | (405) 476-6180 | Email:
Jim Alekson | CEO of Alekson Native American Enterprises | (206) 898-5869 | Email:

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